Drought stress is a major constraint to  yield stability and crop production in drought prone areas. Increasing crop production under drought condition requires an integrated approach in which infrastructure development, crop and resources management, and plant breeding are essential elements.

International workshop on “Crop Improvement under Drought Condition: an Integrated Approach” aims to discuss the effects of drought on plant production and different approaches required for increasing crop yield under drought stress.  The workshop will be held from January 31st to February 2nd 2009 at Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII) in Karaj, Iran (Islamic Republic). Several major drought related topics in the fields of agronomy, physiology, plant breeding, genetic engineering, molecular markers and QTL analysis, proteomics and molecular biology will be discussed.  At the end of the workshop there will be a discussion panel to summarize the lectures given during the workshop and discuss strategies for national and regional plant breeding program for drought stress. The participants should have expertise in one of the  aforementioned field .  Applicants should have high proficiency in English.










Dr. John Bennett

Sydney University, Australia

Dr. Matthew Reynolds

CIMMYT, Mexico





Dr. Alexey Morgounov

CIMMYT, Turkey


Dr. Richard Richards

CSIRO, Australia




Dr. Michael Baum


Dr. Khaled Masmoudi

Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax, Tunisia